Stacking pieces

I’ve designed a module for a rugby game and am having problems placing pieces on top of one another.

One of the pieces is a scrum template which is a Single Piece that indicates the locations on its area where individual player counters (single pieces) and the Ball counter should be placed at various stages of the scrum activity. When I try to place these counters, they all snap to the bottom left hand corner of the scrum template and I can’t work out how to have them remain where I place them.

Can anyone help?

It sounds like these are pieces with different pixel dimensions, where the template piece is much larger than the player counters. If you don’t make pieces explicitly non-stackable (for instance, with the Does Not Stack trait, or by separating them into different Game Piece Layers on your map), they will by default stack together such that the lower left corners mate up.

Your use case sounds like an ideal situation for the relatively new Mats feature.

That sounds exactly right. So, I must put the templates into a different Game Piece Layer from the counters - is that right? Or do I presume the Mats feature will sort me out - I don’t necessarily want the Cargo pieces to move with the Mat - they need to be selectable and moveable aside from the Mat.

I’ll give it a try and see what happens…

Given this, following the Game Piece Layers documentation sounds like the right approach.

Well, I tried the “Mat” solution and this seemed to work a treat. The cargo pieces sit where I want them and I can take them off the templates to move them somewhere else on the main map or, if I move the template, they stay put and go with it.

This is, as far as I am concerned, the solution to my problem. Thanks.

Before I discovered this problem, I submitted the VMOD file for placing on the Vassal listing but I haven’t had any response yet - Am I likely to have done something wrong?

Depends on what you mean here by “submitted”–did you create a new module page on the wiki, or simply upload the file (in which case it has to pass through moderation, but this is just one part of the aforementioned “create module page” process).

As there was already a “Crash Tackle” module in existence, I simply uploaded my version so I guess it must be going through moderation. I’m unfamiliar with the “Wiki”. If that is necessary, I’ll have to read up on it and start the process. Hope it doesn’t harm my brain :wink:

I’ve tried to follow your instructions but, because there is an existing module for the game (Crash Tackle) I don’t get the “Create this page” option when I receive Search Results. Looking a bit further down the line, I seem to need to write a programme (presumably in Java) and my brain has started hurting… Is there a simpler way of achieving my objective?

I see no module with that name in the moderation queue, nor in the wiki’s Recent Changes. How did you try uploading the module? Under what name?

Uploading a new file isn’t sufficient. It needs to be linked to from the Crash Tackle module page, and you do this by editing the wiki (instructions here). Once you’re logged into the wiki (click person icon circled in red to verify that you are), click the little pencil on a box icon (circled in green) to start editing. If you aren’t confident, there is a button to preview your changes before saving to commit them.

Well, I had guessed this was a brand new module which to date hadn’t existed. If you are just adding a new version of an existing module, you needn’t create a brand new page–you edit the existing one. There’s no writing programs and no Java–editing a wiki is more akin to using a text editor plus some formatting markup (see instructions above).

I’ve followed your links and edited the page. I haven’t been asked to upload any files (I think three need to be uploaded) but I’ve been advised that my rewrite has gone to moderation. Shouldn’t I have uploaded the appropriate files before that happened?

Editing a wiki page will not give prompts to upload files. You could choose to upload the files before the page edit or after. Have you looked at this section of the How to Create a Module Page? It describes everything that needs to be done, from seeing the initial link to a file that doesn’t yet exist, and eventually to how you upload it so it does and the link becomes functional.

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I have looked at the section you mentioned and I think I can see what needs to be done. However, I can’t see how to bring up the page I edited and that is apparently being moderated. I have found the little pop-up Tools menu in the bottom left corner of the module page that contains the file upload link and I can see the file I uploaded earlier in the file list.

Can you please tell me how to get my edited page up again so I can try to upload the files to which it refers? I’m sorry I’m making such a fuss over this but I’m not familiar with any of it and sometimes it feels that what I see is not what I’m supposed to be seeing (even though it is). You wouldn’t believe how difficult I’ve found this process - is there any way of simplifying it?

This is what’s happening: You’re editing the module page, but not uploading the files. Then, when our moderator sees the module page edit without the files, he (rightly) rejects it, due to there being no accompanying files.

You need to do both. Either to upload the files after you edit the module page, or—and this is perhaps easier—upload the files and then edit the module page to have links to those files.

Sure, but we’d need a concrete proposal for doing so. I’ve yet to see one that would be simpler, maintainable, and avoid reintroducing the problems we solved with the current system.

Thanks - but how do I access the page I edited and that is being moderated - or do I have to start all over again?

I’m sure I don’t know enough about the subject to offer a proposal and I’m happy to take your word that there is unlikely to be anything simpler. I guess, once I’ve done it, it will become clear as crystal but, as I imagine you can tell, I’m struggling a little :smiling_face:

I’ll approve the edits so the edited version is available for you again. Please try now.

OK, got it back and uploaded the right VMOD file but, when I tried to set up the PDF file for the game rules, I got a notification that the page was going to moderation and I don’t know if the last file uploaded or not. Both files are showing as “not existing”.

Files also pass through moderation, so it will keep showing like this until they are approved.

I thought that might be the case - I guess I now just wait - thanks for your patience :slightly_smiling_face:

I approved your module. For future reference, you could have uploaded both files.

I was in the process of uploading the second file when I received the notification the module had gone for moderation. I’ve now uploaded the second file and am awaiting acceptance. I very much appreciate the trouble you have taken and the time you’ve spent looking after me - thank you.

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