Stacks don't show up if assigned to a board

I’m currently upgrading the pixel tactics module for vassal. In the module, I have a main board and 2 boards that represent each player hand (Red hand and Blue hand).

When you begin a game, you open your hand deck, choose wich cards you want to use and hit the “press Start” button to start the game. What the press Start button does is

  1. Delete all pieces that you use from the setup
  2. Shuffle the deck in the main board
  3. Draws 5 cards
  4. Flips all card in your hand (so you can choose a leader)
  5. Deletes itself

Step 1 works perfectly in both boards, and the Red Hand executes perfectly all steps. But the Blue board, for some reason, won’t work although every action is an exact copy of the Red Hand start button.

The only difference between boards is that RedHand pieces belong to that board, but BlueHand pieces belong to “any” board. I had to keep this configuration beacuse if I attach the pieces to BlueHand they don’t show up (although the definitions of boards, etc. is the same).

What am I missing? Is there a requisite that I need to have so I pieces belong to the Blue Board that I can’t find? I have checked the definitions a few times but they seem to be perfect copies.

You can see the version of the game I’m currently working on here: … s_0.4.vmod

Thanks so much for reading and any light you can shine here :slight_smile: