standard card deck?

Does anyone have a standard 52-card deck that can be imported into a module? I’d prefer not to reinvent this wheel if it’s already been done.

On Apr 21, 2009, at 3:58 PM, sbuck wrote:

There are some standard card game modules: … &Itemid=30 … ule_id=218

I don’t know about importing into a module, since I don’t think that
is a feature of the editor.

But you could start with an existing module, save it under a new name
and then add your own enhancements.

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Thanks for the link – I saw the Hearts mod, but missed the Playing Cards.

I tried Saving the deck from that mod, and it made a file. But when I tried to Load it into my mod, it failed because it couldn’t find the original png graphics files. Not sure how that Save/Load feature is supposed to work.

On Apr 23, 2009, at 8:21 AM, sbuck wrote:

IIRC the Save/Load feature is designed to allow players in CCG modules
to design decks and save them for later loading. It would only work
with decks from the same module.

There isn’t really any direct way to import the cards and images into
a completely different module.

So, you would either need to reconstruct the cards in your module, or
else start with the playing cards module and add all of the special
items from your own module to it.

If you are extremely computer savvy, you could do some surgery on the
build file, but if you don’t get it correct, you end up with a broken
module that won’t load or really be fixable at all. So this is not
generally recommended.

I would think that the best bet would be to start with the cards
module, save it from the editor with a new name and then build your
module around it.

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