Start-Up Options multi-question post.

I am currently in the process of editing a module to add an expansion to it and while I am adding the expansion I wanted to try and add some options to make the module easier to play. One of the ways I would like to do this is to add different options to the startup of the module. The module when started up currently only has the choice of ‘choose player side’. My first question is:

How do I add more choices to the start-up and have these choices affect the game board / pieces in play?

The module I am working on is fun but has way too many pieces. I love the game, but FFG did you really have to make a game that has more than 800 individual pieces if played fully? Taking this into account my second question is:

Is there a way to include information for all of the different options in the module but not show the unneeded pieces based on start-up options?

Thanks for the help.

P.S. If these things are possible and someone else already has a module made that employs them, I would love to know it so I can DL the module and see how someone else did it first hand.

The forum will not allow me to edit my posts so I have another question to add here…

In this module … Edition%29, when an action card is drawn by a player that player has the option to peek at the card to see what it is without revealing it to the other players.

In this module … red_Empire, when an action card is drawn by a player and that player selects the card the card is revealed to the player who drew it without revealing it to other players, BUT in the second module the player does not have to select the option to peek at the card.

I have gone over these modules and I cannot find an option that affects this. I would like my module to display as option 2, but I am editing a version of option 1 and don’t know what I need to change. Would someone be so kind as to enlighten me on what I’m missing?


This is controlled by options in the Mask trait a card has assigned to it- the Mask trait may be buried in a prototype if you dont see it directly on the card piece - just examine all the prototypes that are listed on the card

I’ll check again VG. Any ideas about the questions in my first post?

You cannot add more choices to that dialog popup but to rigidly fix the beginning state of a game depending on number of players, board layout etc… you need to create a saved game for each particular state, that can then be loaded as a pre-defined setup which you put inside the module that players can select when they begin to play the game.

Be careful here though - once a saved file is defined, any changes made to module or extension afterwards will not be reflected in the pre-defined setup, so make sure you have completed your module before making saved setups or you 'll have to rebuild them over again