Strange 'grayed out' options for pieces

I have managed (finally) to get a ‘semi auto’ combat adds/die roll modifier system to work (for 2D10 ATM). I intend to run many simulations to test out all the calculations and equations. Once done I’ll duplicate the one combat map to make 2 more (by duplicate I mean copy/paste, but change all the GP names for each new map). Note that this work is based upon the trick/tip … tion/state.

In setting up the counters to do the simulations, I noticed that they now have a series of 12 grayed out options in the pop-up from a right click on a counter, see pic. On the combat map there are 12 zones being used. Coincidence? The other pic shows a couple of the prototypes. There is nothing in any of the 12 prototypes that calls for an option change for a counter.

Where the heck are these grayed out lines coming from?

[attachment=1]unit right click.png[/attachment] [attachment=0]the prototypes.png[/attachment]

If the included pics do not show (which they may if they exceed the file upload limit), a couple of links to google drive are below. … sp=sharing … sp=sharing

I suspect what is happening will be clearer if you look at the definition for the “Send to DEFR1 ALT CTRL D”. (I don’t think you have shown us that.) I suspect that there you will find a return back option “Return ALT CTRL S”. Perhaps you don’t want that. Also it will be greyed out because you have not sent it anywhere.

The send to ATKR1 and DEFR1 both use ALT CTRL S to return the counters to where they came from. These work perfectly.

I was asking about that gray/grey area above ‘send to DEFR1’. One of those 12 lines of nothingess is highlighted.

Aah! You might want to give some details about your system: Operating System, Java version, VASSAL version, module and version etc…

Possible sources for “empty” command lines include:

  • Spaces in an apparently-empty command line field (e.g. perhaps in some of those Set Global Property traits)
  • Mark Moved traits even with completely empty command lines display a menu item.

One other note is that when looking down a “stack of traits”, the bottom/last ones will be the ones putting commands at the TOP of the menu – so since your empty lines are at the top of your menu I would be suspicious of the things nearest the bottom of your prototype / traits stack.

Not that sure about the spaces.

A check did show a few, but not all areas. Whatever I did, and I have absolutely no idea, they have disappeared (not just ghosting, but gone). Situation resolved, but not sure as to the how!