Strange Zone Not Found Error

Howdy Gents,

Been doing this for a couple of years now and you’d think there wasn’t a Zone I couldn’t possibly build right. It’s not rocket science. It’s as easy and basic as it gets … I thought.

  • Bad Data in Module: British Bomber [Return to Deck] - Expression evaluation error {Main Map}
  • Bad Data in Module: British Bomber [Send to Location - Send to Enemy] - Zone not found Zone[{Enemy}]=
  • Bad Data in Module: British Bomber [Send to Location - Send to Destroyed] - Zone not found Zone[{Destroyed}]=

Now there’s one other oddity. When I draw a bomber from the stack, I try to send it to it’s Ready Box. But it’s Grayed Out. However, I can send it to the Enemy Destroyed Stack, and THEN the Ready Box is Black and available for me to send aircraft to the Ready Box. But the Send to Ready Box should be available ALL the time.

All these Send To commands are housed in the Game Piece Prototype - Aircraft Prototype.

Some work, some don’t, but they all look the same to me. I cannot figure out why some don’t work. And I cannot figure out why the zones are not recognized.

This should be easy, or at least I thought.

I’ve already loaded this to my DropBox


Could you show the source of that Beanshell?

{Main Map} is an invalid Beanshell expression.

It should be {“Main Map”}

If you are mixing $$ variables, you still need the quotes, so it would be



I dropped you a PM with the module’s DropBox link.

I appreciate your help,

In your Send To Location traits in your Aircraft prototype, the Map and Zone names can be specified in one of two ways:

a) The actual name of the map with no quotation marks e.g. Main Map
b) A {} expression that generates the name of the map e.g. {"Main Map"}

Using {Main Map} for the Send to Ready, Destroyed or Enemy zones is not correct. The Send to Enemy Destroyed is correct.

Similarly for Zones. Ready and Enemy Destroyed are incorrect, Destoyed and Enemy are correct.


EXCELLENT !! That worked perfectly. Thanks Much,