Suggestion: build sticky list of "interesting" mod

As i’m digging thru the whole forum searching for solution, i often find something like “look at Module XXX, it contains a brillant solutions to do something like what you’re asking for”.

Now, i beg some “expert” to build a list of these “interesting module”, telling what part of that module is the “smart” one… maybe also splitted in “no-code” and “java coded” example, … and finally place that list as a sticky in this section.

So, when someone not so smart like me is searching for some kind of automation, or some not-so-easy features, that post in the “Module design” section will become the first thing to look at…

That’s a great idea. The list can be build step by step on the wiki. Each time someone found/discover a tip from a module he can list it there with some explanations.

I just to find how we can create page on this wiki, and first how we can register.

I found. If you login on the site, not the forum, you have access to the wiki in read/write mode. Here is the page I created. Can you add the first entry Parduz ?