Suggestions on a Battletech mod

I am new to this & slowly building a battletech version. Was looking for suggestions on record sheets design. Any suggestions on how to build a templet & build off from there?

Haha I knew this thread was about Battletech when I saw your name. :slight_smile:

Why do you want to make a BT VASSAL module? Do you know MegaMek? It’s completely automated and even has an AI. TBH I can’t imagine playing an online BT game without MegaMek, that would probably take a lot of time. All the dice rolls gulp. :wink:

But if you want to make a module anyways, you could probably reuse the MegaMek sprites. I’m not sure if I can help you with the record sheets, but maybe you should have a look at the data cards in this Battlefleet Gothic module (that’s not the same BFG module as in my signature). The creator used some dynamic properties for the shield, hit points and leadership values, so that you can click on the plus and minus boxes to increase or decrease the value. So instead of the circles on a normal sheet, you could just use numbers for the armor and internal structure. No idea how I would make the rest of the record sheet. Is it possible to create some interactive text boxes for all the equipment?

thanks will look at that… used megamek for a while… but having issues with large groups… thought i see how vassal handels large games… Plus I am working on a Battleforce version with the new rule book… atleast the quick strike one for starters… But I am using the sprits from megamek for the mechs… thought it would be easier to drag them in… got a nice mod started… just need to fine tune it with the sheets… will post it once I get it to where i think it will work good…