Supress movement report for one special piece only?

If I have a bunch of movement reporting set up on a map window and report formats for most of the game pieces… is there a way with the traits in the editor to somehow supress the movement report for a single particular piece with its own prototype (only, I want to keep the reports for the other pieces on the map)?

I tried deleting the $pieceName$ (excuse possibly caps not being correct) from the message format on the text labels of the piece, but that just causes the movement report to have a blank in the spot for the piece name. The movement report still occurs.

The piece I am trying to supress is even on its own piece layer and everything, it is a unique piece, but I can not figure out that one tweak needed to drop the report when it is moved around.

Am I missing some trait or feature or is this just the way it is?


okay here is my first guess after bashing my head a little bit to shake the rocks around…

(note I already have a key command that fires whenever a piece end movement on the map… right now it uses trigger actions to check if the movement ends in one of two named zones and if so fires off some stuff)

  1. Disable auto-report for movement onto and within map, which will affect all pieces.
  2. Add a report action trait, looking for the “end move on map” command mentioned above, to the prototypes for the kinds of pieces which I want to retain the report. Format the report according to my whims which probably means the same format I have right now in the auto-report for movement.
  3. Do NOT add such a report action trait to the special piece I do not want to have reported.

And I think that will do the trick without anything too terrible.

question - this (last post) will work for both user drag and drop as well as the module’s “send-to-location” moves?

in other words, the command that fires on a move that ends on map X… it not only fires on drag and drop (which I see) but also when a pieces is relocated within the map by a “send-to-location” trait?

That is exactly how I handled the situation in one of my modules.


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I believe it doesn’t, so just add the ‘Send-to-Locaiton’ control key to the Report Action trait.

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Tried it that way and noticed I was getting duplicate reports on STL’s. So I removed the key command for the STL from the report action and now I get one report. I would conclude the STL does in fact fire the map’s “end move on map” keystroke.

Also noticed the following:

$Period$ @ $Minutes$:$Seconds$ - $PieceName$ - $OldLocationName$ → $LocationName$ *
OldLocationName only updates when manually dragged and dropped not on STL… so always displays origin of last manual drag and drop

That is okay, I can simply drop the OldLocationName from the report (it was holdover from the default map move report format, except I believe there is was called oldLocation). But worth noting that this does not update when an STL fires.

Sorry, I misunderstood the question.

Yes, ‘Send to Location’ (and ‘Moved Fixed Distance’) cause the Map auto-move key to fire.

I will look into this.


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You need to move your Report Action trait below your Send To Location trait in the trait list for it to be able to ‘See’ the oldLocation. Otherwise, the Send To Location has already finished executing before the Report Action tries to report what has happened.


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This is not what I am seeing so just as a test here is what I tried:

first a Report Action trait with message format…

TEST ONLY (RA before STL) $oldLocation$ -> $location$ or names $OldLocationName$ -> $LocationName$ *

then the STL trait

finally another Report Action trait with message format…

TEST ONLY (RA after STL) $oldLocation$ -> $location$ or names $OldLocationName$ -> $LocationName$ *

perhaps worth noting…
My pieces are in an extension, the prototypes with all the traits used by the pieces are in the main module. (the extension pieces only call out one prototype which is expanded out in the main module)



  1. Both reports are identical, the order of the traits does not seem to have any effect.
  2. $OldLocationName$ never updates on an STL, but rather always updates on a manual drag and drop and continues to hold this location name even after several STL’s.
  3. $oldLocation$ always updates on either a manual drag and drop or an STL, however it updates to the same value as $location$.

Not what found.

Yes, I would believe that.

This does not tally with what I found in a small test module. Moving the Report Action below the Send To Location fixed the updating of $oldLocation$.

I would need to see your module and extension, plus a log file showing this occuring. I have left the bug open.


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Brent, check your PM’s.