Switching position between 2 adiacent pieces

hi guys!
I’ve recently uploaded a massive update module for “und1c1” (a soccer tabletop game) and I’m looking a way to automate certain actions in the future releases.

In the game a player attempting a tackle or a dribble must switch their position with an adiacent opponent before playing cards & rolling dices.
Every box on the board can be occupied by 2 pieces at max: a single player & the ball.
The main board use a rectangular grid.

Right now we manually switch their positions: is there a way to automate this switch?

my #4 attempts to tackle oppo #7 that has the ball possession

    • 7o
  • 4 -

    • 4
  • 7o -

thanks in advance!

I don’t think there is a way to directly switch the player counters, but if you can temporarily have two player counters in one box, you could use a GKC from the driibbling player counter to issue a “Send to” command to the player counter with the ball to go to the dribble box, and then send the dribbling player counter to the ball box.