Symbolic Dice

Hello, I understand that the numerical total of the latest symbolic dice roll is stored in the global property <dicename_result>, but is there any way of accessing the info for the results of each die (result1, result2 etc)?

You could try adding some global properties - 1 for each result.
When you roll the symbolic dice also perform a trigger sequence to set the
GP’s to result1, result2 etc…

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Thanks for the hint, but I am not sure what you mean. If result1, result2 etc are not stored as global properties by Vassal 3.0.17 how can I set GP’s (or DP’s) of any piece to store their value?

I have created a test module with a symbolic dice button called “Symbols”. It is composed of two dice: test and test2, with two faces each. The dice are rolled whenever ALT-D is pressed. I have configured two module level global properties called Res1 and Res2.

Then I have created an at-start-deck on the main map with the following traits:

basic piece (some name and image)
global hotkey which triggers on CTRL-H (menu text: roll) to invoke ALT-D
trigger action which fires on CTRL-H running CTRL-F (not sure this is really needed, maybe the GP’s could fire on CTRL-H itself)
set global property which sets Res1 to $result1$ (also tried with $Symbols_result1$) whenever CTRL-F is pressed
set global property which sets Res2 as above
text label displaying $Res1$,$Res2$

Problem is the text label keeps showing “Res1,Res2”. I switched to setting dynamic properties instead and the text label now shows “result1,result2”, no matter how I change the order of the traits.

What am I doing wrong?

Well, I have managed to roll a single symbolic die several times in a row, showing the results neatly one next to the other in some map window and doing all sort of fancy things. This is done checking the die result (the numerical total) and using mock dice (from a force pool) which are just single pieces with layers and triggers and things, as you suggested.

However, there seems to be a drawback with the current die implementation: I am unable to roll a die without showing the result somewhere (text, separate window or inline). Specifically, my die has no associated button gif and hence doesn’t show in the toolbar, which is cool. However, I am forced to output the result as text in the chat window, say, or it won’t roll.

This is annoying because I don’t really want to clutter the chat window with the result of each single die roll but just use the result to decide which layer of a certain piece (the mock die) should be showing.

It would be nice to be able to use completely hidden dice sometime… Vassal 3.1 maybe?

I find this problem strange because the value is evidently present as it is reported in the initial dice roll, but seems to be lost an instant later…

So I have my ‘mock die’ pieces with DPs linked to the numericalResult

via $Dice_result$ and set the DP to that…

But when you try two dice rollled together this gives you the total of the two die and $Die_result1$ and $Die_result2$ give no value… Where does the initial $result1$ $result2$ go…?? Or is it simply discarded straight after being reported reported.

If you were to use a multi-action button with two separate Symbol die buttons, say, Die1 and Die2

The result is ok for setting the ‘mock die’ layers, but the reports are either on separate lines in the chat box, or if you use an action button to report the result, it gives you again only the numericalTotal…

I’ve tried setting GPs to the initial $result1/2$ but they report result1, result2 when accessed…

Am I on a wild goose chase or can these results be manipulated…??

Sorry to double post (as always)…

I will be bold and make the mistake of over analysing this without sufficient knowledge to qualify me to do so:

The variable $result$ seems to be used in the initial process of obtaining the textValue and reporting it as the name of the symbolic dice layer, but is not stored for future reference as a GP, or more basically a Java code variable.

The reason this would be useful is that you can compare it to other properties… a random example being: a piece can have say light or heavy armour. You roll a ‘penetration roll’ and get ‘light’ and trigger a comparison to the pieces armour and perhaps a destroyed layer is activated…

Now I know you can do this with the Numerical Value attached to the dice; but what if you do 2 dice in one go… the result is the two dice combined, so it will always inaccurate as to the value to compare and things to report.

This is the only topic I can see that tries to address the issue and there is no conclusion so I was hoping to revive it.

I hope there is something I am missing.