Synched "Moved" Layers

I have a piece which has three faces which can be cycled through (via a Layer trait). When the piece moves it should flip to a reverse side which is identical to the currently displayed obverse, except for a colour-shift which is the indicator that the piece has been moved. Using a second Layer trait in the piece, how do I synchronize the two? I had a similar issue with another module I was creating, but the solutions offered back then (a few years ago now) do not seem to work any longer, or I am not implementing them correctly. This is driving my nuts. An upload of a working example would be great! Thank you.


is the demo I created for you back then not working anymore either?


It works after a fashion. The demo piece, which represents a six-sided die, shows both its “driving” and “following” sides. What I am trying to do is a similar solution where only one side shows at any given time, either the obverse or reverse. So that, as one side is changed to one or another of the three (or whatever number) aspects it can take, the “flip” side is automatically changed to the corresponding image. When the counter is flipped, then, the correct value(s) appear, simply in their “flipped” version (in my case, this will be shown via a colour-inversion of the graphic images).

Formerly, I had worked out a solution which even flipped the marker automatically when moved. Alas! I have lost that module, and forgotten what I did to achieve the desire result. Truly frustrating (and a bit embarrassing)!