Syntax for Hide Commands?

I have a module with two game boards: one’s the main map (imaginatively called Main) and the other is a battle map where pieces are moved to wage battles (called Battlespace). Some commands only used during battles do not need to show up when a piece is on the main map and can be suppressed. So I’m trying to set a Restrict Commands trait in the prototype for all pieces as follows:

Description: Hide Battle Commands
Restriction: Hide
Restrict when properties match: CurrentBoard = Main
Restrict these key commands: Ctrl A, Ctrl B (hotkeys for the commands I want to hide).

But this isn’t working. Is there some issue with the way I’ve phrased the restricting condition?

I am wondering if this is case-sensitive (for example, is currentBoard different from CurrentBoard?) Should there be spaces between the condition, the equals sign and the actual value? Should the value be in quotes?

I can’t find a good statement on the valid syntax for checking property values and it’s frustrating to do this by trial and error.

Also, the Restrict Commands trait is at the very end of the prototype’s Trait list.

Thanks for any information.