Team play

Anyone know if it’s possible to have multiple players per side. And have both logged on and playing at the same time?

No, that is not currently possible.

Unless the module was specifically designed to support team play with multiple ‘seats’ having access to each side’s resources.
Or the Observer player is not restricted from accessing game components and so players can play even though connected as Observers.

Good point Brent.
I guess I could design the module to have multiple players per side. Say Allied1, Allied2, Allied3…
And have that sides units accessible by each of those ‘players’.
Little bit of a hassle but makes sense.


That is how I have done it in the past.
It makes it a bit painful if you want to secure the extra seats from being taken by unwanted players. If you define 2 players per side (4 players total), but want to create a 2 player version, you need to create a separate 2 player saved game where you take up the Allied2 and Axis2 seats with dummy passwords.

Out of curiosity Brent. Do you know if it’s possible to have multiple players logged into a game with the same account? Same side same password. And having full side functionality working for both at the same time.

Interesting. I would have said it wouldn’t work, but a little test I just did indicates that will give you exactly what you want.

Player definitions could be added to the module.