Temporarily Unhide Private Window

Is there a way to temporarily unhide a Private Window or Game Piece Inventory Window? I’ve got a couple “intel” cards that allow a player to examine behind his opponent’s private screen which is depicted in Vassal by a Private Window belonging only to 1 side. Presently, players need to switch sides to solo, examine the window, then switch back to their side. It works but is cumbersome. I suppose I could also make the Private Windows visible to all players and rely on the honor system but that cure seems worse than the disease…

For the Paths of Glory module there are some cards that reveal the other player’s hand. What I do is give each player a button on their private hand window where they can “reveal their hand” to the other player, and the effect is that a list of all their cards/text/stats is displayed neatly/cleanly in the chat log. (So the button just sends a Global Key Command to all the cards in the hand and makes them print their information in Report Action traits)



One method is to send all the pieces on the private window to the same coordinates in a public window, then later back again. Not great, and Cattlesquat’s solution may be better, but for some use cases I think it’s the only solution that works.

Sadly, I don’t think either would work very well. I’ve got units, cards, tiles, dials, and stats. I’ll have to stick with switching sides and hope for a new feature in 3.5 or 4.0…

I agree that this would be an excellent feature. In my module, To Be King, each player has a private spell book. But, occasionally, a player may have an event or talent that allows them to know another player’s spells.

As it is now, they have to transfer all their spells to a “View” window, for the other the player to look, and then send them back …hoping no one else opens the View window in the meantime.