Text appears on dice roll?

You’re right, they do need descriptions; I’ll put some in when I get the chance.
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You should be able to accomplish this straightforwardly. When you roll the dice, it sets a global property to the value of the result. Create a counter with a Dynamic Property and a Report Action trait so that it triggers when the dice-roll’s property changes and fires an action that reports the text you want to the chat window.

That sounds like what I want…
But can somebody walk me through this? I’ve never used these features on Vassal before :confused:

Depending on exactly what you want to do, you may want to try using symbolic dice instead. That may be a simpler, more straight-forward method of accomplishing what you want.

I’ve considered that as a means of implementing a random events table, namely to encode the table directly as symbolic dice results.

I had it posted there before… but it looks like somebody deleted it with that quote :wink:

In my game, many units that have 2 abilities, each turn you roll a dice, on an even result you use one of these abilities, on an odd result you use the other.
I’d like it to post each units ability that has been activated when it happens…

Perhaps this is a similar question, because I also want a specific text message on a die roll.

You can use the ‘Random text button’ to simulate a six-sided die roll on a result chart.
I would like to roll instead with two six-sided dies (added together with the ‘7’ as most common result) on a result chart which include more than 6 results.

Unfortunately it seems that you can roll only single six-sided dies (although more of them at a time).

How could this be done ?

I have good news and I have bad news.

Good - It can be done

Bad - You basiclly have to make a die with 36 faces. For each combination possibility you put in what would show up.

2 has one ; 1 - 1
3 has two ; 1 - 2, 2 - 1
4 has three ; 1 - 3, 2 - 2, 3 - 1
and on and on till you hit 12.

Not the best or most elegant of solutions but it does work and keeps the probabilities accurate.

That doesn’t sound right or your not fully describing what you are trying to do.
Dice are able to report their individual roll or the total sum of the dice rolled. It is an option in the Dice dialogue properties

For text based dice, you should be able to do this with two six sided symbolic die’s instead of regular dice as Tar suggests. See the help manual for reporting syntax

If you want to report as text instead of numerical values you can pass the $result$ (as it is a GP) to a DP, have a layer follow the DP and report the layer name etc from a hidden counter at start stack placed somewhere on the main map…

I was assuming (probably wrong) that he wanted to simulate a table of results from the roll of 2d6.

2 dead
3 hurt
4-8 dazed
9-10 amused
11 curious
12 laughs it off.

The only way I saw it do this was as I described. If there is an easier way please let me know.


Here is a demo mod (inside zip) showing your table, with the rolled values reported of a six sided dice.
This is basically what Rodney described how to do

impressive. that is much better.


Problem that I don’t know how you have done it. I’m not yet familiar with all the traits and what they do.

Before reading the answers I also got the idea to do a 36-sided symbolic die. However it works, although it isn’t very elegant.

Perhaps you can explain your demo and how it works step by step ?

ok, back to my original question :wink:

this is what I want:

Dynamics Roll button is a “Random Text button”
When you hit that, the message will say either
“$name$ you have Dynamics!”
“$name$ you do not have Dynamics!”

upon one of those results, I want it to trigger and report an action on each of that players units in play.
aka, the * Cycilis - Roll a 6-sided die. On a result of 6, wound Cycilis.


theoretically this is possible - it would be a variation on the demo I posted but a little more complex because it involves invoking side specific pieces. You would have to account for all the different possible piece combinations and map it out to make it affect the right things when you want.