"Text" based Game Piece Images

I am building my counters with Nato symbols and text options (Yes - one day I’ll learn how to use Gimp properly).

Is there a way to insert characters for fractions rather than 0.5 or 1/2 which look a bit clumsy. I believe there are characters for it in unicode and/or the extended character sets.

Is it possible to add symbols to the NATO list? eg HQ, Supply etc.
Is there a shared library for images?

Strings in Java are Unicode, so you can include any Unicode character in them. Whether the font rendering the characters has support for the characters you want to use is something you’d have to verify by trying it.

If you want symbols in V3 beyond the ones supplied by Game Piece Images, I recommend creating your pieces using SVG instead.

A good, open source SVG that I like is Inkscape. Like Vassal, it is offered at no cost, but donations are gladly accepted.

Thank you I’ll try it out.
I had a quick look and found Pelle Nilsson’s extensions. That looks great.

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