Text count on Stacks?

I’m going to ask about this in part to know if anything has changed since the 2010-2011 threads I’ve come accross.

I’ve read a bit of the forums, and the FAQ, and I’m aware I can make the “mouse over stack” window display the number of units in a stack. But I’d really, really still like to have that number on the side of the stack.

I’ve read a thread where it is suggested to have a single game piece instead of a stack, and display a count in a layer above the piece (like was done for Axis & Allies). What I don’t understand with that option, is whether units drag’n drop to move them from a ““stack”” to another is possible at all. I’m guessing “popping” a unit on a click should be possible (with events catch for that, like explained in the 101 videos). Could we make the “drop” of a unit trigger a merge of both pieces into a piece showing the sum of both counts?

For context, I’m looking into the not-yet-shared Star Wars Rebellion module, where currently lots of units of various types are stacked and hard to read. I’m thinking I could separate them “per type”. The problem that remains is - there are too many types to fit into a single “map square” (i.e. System). They could be stacked by mixing only some units types, but that raises other questions:

  • Could I re-order a stack of pieces in order to group them by type, always sending the larger units to the bottom of the stack?
  • Could I group units of the same type into a single unit with the counts like I was talking about earlier?
    It might be useful to say that, for this module, all units are single piece and no unit will be created during a play. So it is an option to try something based on catching the “end of movement” event.
    Note: I’d be open to having to program something to help with the solution.

I apologize if my vocabulary is imprecise, or if topics here have already been closed somewhere else. I am still learning. Please feel free to point me to a source of information and I’ll happily dig through it.

Thank you for your help. Merry plays to all!