The Battle for Normandy Module.

Hi everybody!

I am new on Vassal and I am trying to play “The battle for Normandy”. Unfortunately after finding it on “module library” I can not open the direct link on it! It asks me to have an account, which I already have, but afterwards I am requested to upload files. Does it mean there is no module currently working for this game? How can I overcome this?
If I can not play TBfN, would any of you recommend me any other Normandy game?
Thanks to all. And have a nice day!

Valencia, Spain.


TBFN can be down loaded at

I got it off the GMT site.

oops sorry missed the post the last post.

I have a used copy of the game. I am missing the CRT tables. Anywhere to get any of these online or hard copy. GMT says they don’t have any and I’d rather not purchase another copy. Pls help :slight_smile:

did you get the CTR tables? I have the similar problem. Inform me pls.