The Battle Of Moscow : The German Drive on Moscow 1941 (1970)

I would like to know if there will be a module for “The Battle of Moscow (1970)” ?
I saw on BBG images of the counters and the map

Looks like a great project for someone for a first Vassal module :wink:

I try to create the module … but it’s very difficult (not in french), don’t understand many things
OK for upload the map but for the pieces, I am blocked with the counters
Counters too big, only one piece on the map

I progress, I begin to understand for the counters, need now to decrease the size :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have 3 options to decrease the size of the counters:

  1. Edit the images in an external image editor. If you’re comfortable with the command line, you can use something like ImageMagick to resize all of them the same amount with a single command.
  2. Since they look like basic wargame counters, you could re-create them at the correct size with VASSAL’s built-in “Game Piece Image Definitions”.
  3. You can leave the image for the Basic Piece trait blank, and instead add a Layer trait, set it to be “Always Active”, put the image on a single Layer, and apply a scaling factor to it.

Alternatively, scale the board to fit the size of the counters

Thank you
but I progress well !
I look how the others modules are build and and do +/- the same things
For the counters it’s OK now but I have no Mvt trail

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To implement movement trails, you will need to define a Movement Trail trait (of course). That trait also requires the Mark When Moved trait, although a Marker image is not required.

Note that the Movement Trail trait was significantly enhanced in the Vassal 3.4 timeframe, to add the TURN ON and TURN OFF controls so that visibility of trails can be explicitly turned on or off. Prior to that change, the trait only provided the ability to toggle visibility of trails, so modules needed to somehow maintain knowledge of the current state of trails visibility (often involving the built-in “Moved” property). These implementations tended to be complicated and often buggy, so it matters which module you look at for an example.

I know that the current Empire of the Sun module has a “modern” implementation of Movement Trails, and would be a good example.

OK for Mvt Trail

I have finish, now I test my module, not the best (counters not centered on the hexes) but it is well fonctionnal :slightly_smiling_face:

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I tried for the first time to create a module page for “The Battle Of Moscow”
I don’t understand how to upload image or the vmod file …
But when I saved, the page disappears and I don’t know where it is
I read that but I don’t understand all How to Create a Module Page - Vassal
I dont know what to do now

Modules and module page changes go through moderation before becoming live. I can see your changes in the moderation queue.

but after the moderation I could complete the page, uploal images and the file vmod ?

The page is now back

but I am very bad in computer language
How upload screen shot image ?

and upload vmod file ?

it’s here to upload ?

Prise de tête !! (in french)

the page is OK now
I think it’s the administrators who finished my poor work, so thank you very much !