the size of piece in the hex. is too big

Hello to all the community and thanks for all your great job and Help. The first, sorry by my bad English but is very difficult express me in English.

I have a problem:

I have done one map y one piece (these are examples and is not my design). The piece is more bigger than the hex with the map to 100%

I’d like to adjust the piece to the board like this image

But I don’t want to change the dimensions of the jpg of the board and I don’t want to change the dimensions of the jpg of the piece.

I’d like that I do a mouse over on the piece I can see the piece in the original size like this example:

I want make maps to a small scale

Thanks to everyone

I don’t think there’s any other way to do this, other than to change the dimensions of the map or the board so that the piece fits in the hex.

You can then add a Stack Viewer to the board to magnify (enlarge) the piece when a player holds the mouse over it. When you define the Stack Viewer, you can pick the factor that the image is magnified by (for example, x1, x1.2., x2 or any other factor).

You can also add a Zoom tool to the map to allow players to make the maps as small or as large as you want.

The problem is that I have made the maps to this size and if I desing the pieces to fits in the hex, is very small for the information that I want to show…and if I make more bigger the map to adjust to the piece then the map lost resolution too.


Thus spake “fae”:

The problem you’re having is that you want to map the piece images at
full size to a scale factor which is not 100%. Presently, this isn’t
supported. I can see the utility of this, however, so its something
which might be supported in the future.


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ok, thanks to all :slight_smile: I will do the map more big and then I will adjuts a max. zoom to 75%