TI3 PBF Game - Asymmetric preset galaxy

Players signed up so far (please confirm):


Additional players welcome!


  • Fully random race selection
  • Seating order based on time zones
  • Map preconstruction: boardgamegeek.com/thread/674131/ … nstruction
  • Territorial Distant suns
  • Final Frontier
  • Artifacts (all 4 revealed at the start of the game, which influences Home System values)
  • Wormhole nexus
  • Custodians of Mecatol Rex
  • Strategy cards: Leadership, Diplomacy II, Assembly II, Production, Trade III, Warfare II, Technology II, Bureaucracy
  • Preliminary objectives
  • Homeworlds
  • Leaders
  • Race-Specific techs
  • Shock troops
  • Flagships
  • Mechanized units
  • Mercenaries
  • NO Voice of the Council
  • Space Mines
  • Facilities
  • Tactical retreats
  • Sabotage runs

Damn you make my day shorter and shorter…


i would like to sign up if i could =)

Hello Shaunm, yes i know Vassal very well and have all the modules for TI3 and expansions.
:slight_smile: please reply or PM me soon.

We were just playin TI3 =) I won :smiley:

so this topic is over or?

Hey Aruze,

I already replied to your PM a couple of hours ago. It’s fine, you’re in the game. :slight_smile: You did note, that we’re not playing a “live” game over VASSAL, but “play-by-forum”, which will likely take several months, right? I was a little confused by your PM…

Zilfalon was just joking, because we met yesterday to play another face to face game, which has nothing to do with this one here.

All right, a player update:


Waiting for confirmation:

Additions to the above rules:

  • IMPORTANT: All player interaction has to happen using this forum. PM’s among the players are NOT allowed.

  • In case of interrupting a player’s actions through Action cards or other abilities, there is a 24h time limit in place.

  • All battles are done by me, the GM, ideally using Conditional orders, sent to me by the players by PM before the battle, indicating their possible actions (that more detailed, the better): i.e.
    “I will take casualties in the following order: …” ,
    “I will use by special abilities in the following way: …”
    “I will play Action card XY, if …”
    " I will retreat/withdraw …"
    The DEFAULT battle in case a player does not sent a conditional order will be: no retreats, no Action cards played, no abilties used, casualty order:

  • Space Battle: one hit on units with Sustain Damage, then Fighters, Destroyers, Cruisers, Carriers, Dreadnaughts, Flagships. Mercenaries

  • Invasion Combat: one hit on Mechanized Units, Shock Troops, Ground Forces, Mercenaries

  • Escaping leaders return to the most valuable planet in the Home System

Aruze, please also note, that there is a second parallel game about to start in the other thread with a symmetric galaxy. Please feel free to choose between either game you wish to play or join in both. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I will decline because I can’t afford the commitment of two simultaneous games. (Also, as I mentioned in the original thread, I have reservations about the asymmetric map.) You guys have fun!

I am sorta think about that too. But I would rather play the asymetric game… 2 Games are pretty nasty. But we cann just see how it will work out.

I’m in, but I want to be able to send PM to negotiate on laws or such. There is nothing wrong with talking under the table.

Hello, unfortunately i cannot play a game over several months, i would have hoped for a normal game over vassal but i just do not have the capacity to play that long term game.

sorry, and hope someboddy will login on vassal from time to time.


Waiting for confirmation:

i have no idea how the idea of playing Twilight imperium 3 over a month is Possible
but i realy want to play even if it will take a month
however it will be Extremely Painful

So if you teach me the needed “paly-by-play” for a Month long game, i would like to join the game even though my prior comment was that i would not, if you will still have me.

Well we can arrange that certainly.

You simply do create a log file, while you play. That logs EVERY Move you make on the board, every counter you placer somehwere, everywhere you click. Everyone can doublecheck if everything was legal, when loading the log file, and then continues his turn while creating a new log file, which will be given to the next player again. and so on.

I recomment rereading the other Thread (I know, 6 pages might be painful) it will probably answer all your questions regarding player interaction, combat, and the GM’s role and so on.

okay, but how do i create a log file

if you recieve a log file, you load it, go through it step by step with “screen down” button, at the end it will ask you if you wanna create a new file, you click yes, do your turn, click on “end action”, save the log file ( I suppose) and load it up into the Forum ;-)

okay nice, when do we start the game?