TI3 PBF Game - Asymmetric preset galaxy

Aruze, it would be a lot easier, if you just read through the threads instead of asking. As you can easily see, we are waiting for players. Perhaps you could use the time to get familiar with logging games. You can use the log attached to this post to get familiar with it. After going through this file, continue logging your own sample move (i.e. placing a system and setting up starting units). Attach your new log to your reply.


Waiting for confirmation:

Any chance we can do races not purely random? I’d just love to get two random races to pick from!

Either way, I’m in and I’ll start watching this thread more closely.

Also, I’m not entirely clear on step 8. Each time my turn comes up I bid on one system. How is it determined who gets what home system? What if there are ties, or if I’m the lowest bidder on multiple systems?

All right, I’ll amend the rules to:

  • Players may use PMs to secretly discuss strategies or other things, however two things should be noted:
    1.) A note in the forum that a PM has been sent and the recipient (at the table others will also notice when something happens secretly).
    2.) A copy has to go out to the GM.

Is that okay for you all?

  • Players receive two races to choose from before the galaxy is revealed. I will draw races right now and send PMs to everyone. Please choose and reply via PM. I will then reveal the preset galaxy.


The Module doesnt give you restriction on moves. That means you can do any illegal move you can think of, but the game wont complain about it. It is just some sort of cupboard picture with many pieces, but YOU put the value and the reason in those pieces. There are no predeterminded rules. So if you move a counter, and treat it as a carrier, go ahead, but it will confuse us.
Try put a counter from your area to another faction sheet, and you will see, the module will just do it. Like on a real table, the table wont complain “there is a piece that does not belong there.”
That is why everyone should recheck the others moves, to see if there was nothin illegal.


Once bidding is over, there will only be one control marker on each Home System. Whenever you outbid someone, you remove their control marker. That way, there cannot be any ties. Let me do one example for a 4-player-game:

P1 bids 0 TG on Home System (HS) 1.
P2 bids 0 TG on HS 2.
P3 likes HS 1, bids 1 TG on HS 1 and replaces P1’s control marker (CM) with his own CM.
P4 bids 0 TG on HS 3.
P1 currently does not have a CM on the board, so he has to bid again. He bids 2 TG on HS 1 and replaces P3’s CM with his own CM.
P2 has a CM on the board, so his turn is skipped.
P3 notices, that HS 3 isn’t such a bad position either, so he bids 1 TG on HS 3.
P4 has to bid again and settles with 0 TG on HS 4.

Now all markers are on the board:
P1 with 2 TG on HS 1.
P2 with 0 TG on HS 2.
P3 with 1 TG on HS 3.
P4 with 0 TG on HS 4.

Each player starts with maximum bid (=2) minus own bid
P1 = 0 TG
P2 = 2 TG
P3 = 1 TG
P4 = 2 TG

In a real game, bids usually go higher. Something like 4-5 TG is normal for our games.

Hope this step is clear now?

Ah, I didn’t read carefully enough. That makes sense.

Current status:

Races chosen by everyone except Aruze. Will determine first Speaker and reveal the galaxy as soon as he has replied.

One thing I forgot to clarify in the rules:

  • Your two neighbors are NOT the players seated around you, but the two players with the closest Home Systems to your own. In case of equal distances, you choose your two neighbors immediately after galaxy setup is completed.

if i need to choose Sol or Xxcha i choose Sol, but i dont know the first thing about this Logfile Crap.

is every player individualy supposed to create the entire solar system? where should i place my home system then?

wait i think i figured this out, so i simply start logfile, move Sol into place and End logfile?

We are now waiting for shaunm (the GM) to show us the galaxy we will be playing on. Then we will bid for starting locations.

Aruze. I dont know how the others feel, but I got to say, that I have the feeling you hardly read anything that was posted before.

In a Game like TI3, which can easyly become to an hour filling discussion about, pretty much about anything, And I dont know if everyone accepts someone who does not carefully read. But I give you credit for familiarize yourself with Vassal, but not reading the Forum, kinda crucial.

I just dont want to end up playing a game with people who you constantly have to tell what has already been stated before.
The group got to decide on this. We can try with you, but if I get the feeling it wont work, I wont be willing to play and spend my time on this.

Dont worry, i wont be a bother anymore =)

Could I join, if there is an open space?

ask Shaumn =)

okay as a quick reply to Shaumn

i sent a logfile in a previous reply
also as for the other information

GMT +0
Iceland Reykjavik

and off Sol and Xxcha il choose Sol

Here is what i changed in the Logfile Shaumn provided me to play with, i basicaly found that one of the players was not in the group so i changed it to Sol and did all the things i needed, however i cant change the name there.

Hi all,

we’ve been experiencing some problems with correct player log over in the other game, so I’d like to double check things today before we really get started.

Aruze, don’t worry about your messages, everything is fine.

Qui-Gon, welcome to the game! I assume you know the rules to TI3. Are you familiar with VASSAL yet? I’ll send your choice of two races to you by PM shortly.

To all: I’ve attached a new sample log file to this posting. Here’s what you all please do:

  • make sure you have VASSAL 3.1.16 installed (you can check be clicking “About VASSAL” in the program)
  • make sure you have the TI3 Shards version 1.03 loaded
  • download and save the log file
  • open the module and choose “load saved game” to load the log file
  • make sure you have the option of joining as P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 or P6.
  • join as your appropriate player:
    P1 - TunaDude
    P2 - jpsuchecki
    P3 - AbsoluteZero
    P4 - Zilfalon
    P5 - Aruze
    P6 - Qui-Gon
  • open the map and position and/or resize the window so you can see the map and the text area
  • click the “play” button (right below “File” and “Help”) several times to follow my sample actions:
    you should see that I (as GM) am placing 1 Carrier and 4 Ground Forces in each Home System
  • After all units are placed the log should end and prompt you “End of Logfile. Start new Logfile?”
  • click “yes” and choose the name “log_Playername_number” (replace Playername with your name and number with 1, same format for all future logs). Add a description (write anything).
  • execute a sample tactical action: select the command counter from your command pool and place it on the board in a system next to your Home System. Move your carrier in the system and the Ground Forces on a planet. Selecting units is done by Shift+Click. Change the GF quantity be right clicking and choosing the right option.
  • take your new planets from the planet stack and place them in your play area: right click on the planet stack below the board and choose “draw specific planets”. Choose the planet and click ok. Drag the planet card below your race sheet.
  • End your action by clicking “End action” at the top of the map window.
  • Click File/“End Logfile”
  • Finally, make a new forum post and attach YOUR new log file to the post.

I hope this works for everyone. Please respond if there are any problems. If everyone has managed to do this, we can hopefully start the real game soon. I’ll have the real game map ready this afternoon (in about 8 hours).

Until then! Shaun


Here is mine.

Tunas Save works for me, too.

Finished :slight_smile: