To use DPs or CPs and a question re the At Start Global Key Command

I (think) I know that using DPs is less processing overhead than CPs. However, if I change a bunch of current CPs to DPs, I also know that this will (adversely) affect current games post the ‘refresh counters’ phase. I do see that once refreshed, the use of key commands for units ending movement on that map, in this case I have used ‘placedonmap’ as a sort of ‘global’ key command here, will keep things current.

So I need some sort of command to do a global ‘placedonmap’ to occur post the ‘refreshcounters’ phase.

From memory, I believe that I can have a at startup global key command, but the help link leads to nought. There are 4 options available, but which one to use? I want to only run the ‘placedonmap’ once for any existing game currently being played. I would prefer that whoever does the ‘refresh counters’ phase does not have to save and exit then relaunch. That and the refresh counters MUST be run before the ‘placedonmap’ command.

Finally, can I use the At Start Global Key Command to initiate the ‘Refresh Counters’ followed by the "placedonmap’ command BUT only if the module’s version number has changed?