Too many buttons in main window

I am working on a new module for Advanced Civ (TAHGC 1991). Each player has a player mat (tokens & civ advances, visible to all) and a player hand (trade cards, private). With a max. of 8 players (possibly 10 with the eastern expansion) this makes a total of 16-20 buttons to show/hide mats and hands, not counting other buttons. What’s more, half of the buttons (those for player hands) do not respond to anyone user but the owning side (I hope).
If I do not include buttons for, say, the player hand, the module behaves undesirably: The player hand pops up when starting the module (OK), but when the user closes it he is out of the game – there is no way (meaning I do not see any) to re-open his hand, and he can only end and re-start the game.
I see no way to combine the many buttons into a panel or multi-button, as the buttons are defined in the map windows themselves and do not appear as nodes.
There may be a way by going through key commands, but I have not tried that yet. Finding 18-20 different key commands also does not look enticing.

As there usually is a way to bend VASSAL do one’s will, my question is: What am I missing? Any help is appreciated.

Yeah, you can have all sorts of maps/hands toggle with hotkeys only. Perhaps assign P1 to alt 1, P2 to alt 2, etc. Just throw their button names into a Toolbar Menu and don’t include a button name for the toolbar menu itself (making them all invisible). Or you could have that toolbar menu be visible (named like Player Hands) and have all the player hands listed in its drop-down display - probably preferable.

Thanks again, rrvs – I guess a visible dropdown that refers to key commands will be the solution.

Right - works like a charm. Thanks again!

Cool, appreciate the thanks. :smiley: