Toolbar menu and Multi-Action buttons

On a Toolbar Menu, each item in the menu is a Multi-Action Button. Each of these multi-action buttons consists of a random text button reflecting different die faces, plus a die roll sound invoked from an Action button. When the user clicks an MAB, it messages a random text string plus the sound of rolling dice. The multi-action buttons hide the random text buttons so they are never seen.

The multi-action buttons show up on the toolbar menu as expected. However, after using any button for the first time, the random text button (which is supposed to be hidden by the multi-action button) will be displayed on the main game toolbar. The Action button is not displayed–it’s still hidden by the MAB). It’s only seen after the MAB is used for the first time, but it never goes away after that.

Bug, possibly? I can supply the module if it’ll help (there are actually 2 mods with this issue).


Don’t know any answer to the question you posted but wanted to ask:

How do multi action buttons work? I know you add commands to be included in the multi action button - can those commands be GKC listed above it on the map window? or what?

Have not figured out where the commands for the multi action button are to be listed - anywhere in the Vassal build?

Thanks - any help would be appreciated.

A multi-action button is a way to have Vassal execute buttons you have separately created. You need to enter the text of the buttons you want to include in the MAB. These can be any button type, even GKCs. Vassal then executes each included button when the MAB button is clicked.

I’m having the same problem when activating “Imported Class” buttons from within a Menu Toolbar. If the imported class displays a dialog for its attributes, then a copy of the button will be added to the main toolbar.

Has any solution been found?