Top of the Stack


I made in my module that leader’s counters are always on top of stacks with units. I have used Game Piece Layers in Main Map Window for this. However now the counters (units and leaders) do not stack. They do not show together in Mouse over-stack viewer. How this can be solved. I want to both type of counters to stack (units and leaders), but leader should be always on top of the stack.

I found this note in the help file on Game Piece Layers:

“Pieces assigned to different layers will never combine into a stack.”

You are correct that pieces in different GPL’s will not stack. Think of GPLs as several sheets of plexi-glass over your map with the pieces sandwiched between the different sheets. It appears like they’re stacked but when you grab the stack you get the piece(s) on the layer you are touching only.

The solution is to use the key command of up arrow which moves a piece to the top of the stack. For your leader pieces define a marker trait of leader with a value of yes. Create a GKC in the map window to fire the up arrow and filter it for matching properties of leader = yes. When you click the GKC button, all leaders will ‘jump’ to the top of their stacks. It should be possible to have the GKC fire whenever a piece on the map moves instead of a button but might take a bit more work.

If you have the potential of more than one leader in a stack and the order matters, it gets a little tricky, but more custom filters for ranks and a trigger piece with multiple GKCs should help.

“fire the up arrow” - what’s that? :blush:

The ‘Up Arrow’ on your keyboard. It’s one of the 4 directional arrows. In the GKC where you enter the keycode, just press the up arrow button and it will say UP as the keycode.

FYI, the directional arrows affect stacking. When a piece is highlighted, pressing left moves it down one spot. Pressing right moves it up one spot. Pressing down moves it to the botom. Pressing up moves it to the top. GKCs affect all pieces as if they were highlighted. Hence why you have to add a filter so it only affects the ones you want.

Thank you. It works :slight_smile: !