Total of random dice roll

Is there a way I can roll various dice (D4, D6, D8…) and then have their total displayed instead of adding the totals up on a piece of paper?

Yeah - that’s a setting of Dice Buttons. You simply check the “Report Total” button and when the button is used it will report the total instead of individual results. If you want to set it up so that you can use a single button for various dice types, make sure “Prompt for Values when Button Pushed?” is also selected; otherwise you’ll need one button for each type of dice you need to roll with your mod.

I haven’t found a method wherein VASSAL will report both the outcomes of individual dies and the overall sum yet, if that’s what you’re asking…

Wait a minute - are you asking if you can have a d4, d6 and d8 rolled and then have the mod sum them up with the push of a single button? I know how to do that, but I don’t have sufficient time to type up the procedure at the moment. If I’ve answered your question already, okay; if not, say so and I’ll post the procedure when I get an opportunity.

Create a Global Property called something like DiceTotal.

Then you can have a Set Global Property trait to establish the value DiceTotal and Set Value Directly to

{D4_result + D6_result}

…or add to together whatever dice you want and then have a Report Trait report $DiceTotal$