Trait Marker mentioned in message logs


I want the message logs to display the cost of a card played from a board to another.
I set the Trait Marker with name “cost” and a number for value.
How can I make that info appear with the “Auto-report format for movement to this map” ?

Thanks for suggestions and help.

First of all, a Trait Marker is not a variable …it’s just a tag.

What you want to do is use a Dynamic Property with “cost” as it’s name and then set the value. You can leave everything else blank.

I’m not sure if Auto-report will display the “cost” value by putting $cost$ in the report line. However…

You could set the map properties to send a command to any piece that is moved to the map. The piece can then have a Report Trait that will trigger on that command and you can place the $cost$ variable in the message reported. For example:

This piece has a cost value of $cost$.

Gotcha !

Thanks you doc !

I wondered what was the use of this “Key Command to apply to all units ending movement on this map”.
Now I get it.

Using a Dynamic property, however, makes this command ask me to change the value.

I prefer to use the Trait Marker. It’s considered as a property with a value that can be used from the piece or card messages, like $cost$, giving it’s value, so it’s just what I needed.

Unfortunately, each time I move the piece on the map (and that piece in fact a card) I get the message “this piece has a cost of 12”.
The point is I just wanted the message to be mentioned the first time the card was added to the map, when it’s bought. Not when it moves.

I’ll try and improve that.

Better Gotcha

Map Sends “Key Command to apply to all units …” with “Pay This”

Cards have a Trigger action :
Keyboard Command : “Pay This”
Trigger when properties match : CurrentMap != $OldMap$
Perform these keystrokes : “Pay That”
Cards have a Report Action :
Report on these keystrokes : “Pay That”
Report Format : $PlayerSide$ should pay $cost$
Cards have a Marker :
cost = 12
So only when the cards arrives for the first time on the map will the cost message be sent !