Transparent background around counter

trying to edit a Conquest of Empire module so it plays like the Milton Bradley Samurai Swords game so I’m adding army boards, new units ect.

Want to change units in existing module by swapping them out with some GIF’s I have but white background that surrounds image is opaque when unit is dragged onto board.

Wiki manual says "Right-click and select “Add Game Piece Layout” - I suspect answer is there, but this option is not in the current version of the software I downloaded.

Not sure how to proceed.


You need to make the image’s background transparent in an image editor, like Photoshop or the like.

Great! This stuff is starting to click for me- thanks for the help

Thus spake “manko”:

I suspect that the transparency problem you’re having is a Java bug which
I wrote a workaround for today. Try 3.1.12-svn6056 or any later build,
available here, and let me know if the problem is solved.


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problem was I needed to use photo editor to set transparency color prior to bringing it into Vassal. Got it working now Thanks