Trick taking card game

Vassal documentation states that Vassal supports traditional card games, but I wasn’t able to find any module for trick taking card game. I’m looking to create a trick taking card game like for example Hearts - standard game shipped with Windows.

If you are not familiar with it’s interface, basically there are 4 players, which get dealt some cards, then each plays a card by clicking on desired card in their hand. Dragging / right clicking and choosing an action is not acceptable. When each player in clockwise order plays a card, highest card wins and cards are folded over and trick assigned to the winner. Preferrably taken tricks would be shown next to each player as folded piles of 4 cards. Players also must follow suit, i.e. usually not all cards are legal cards to play and this rule (and quite a few more) must be enforced.

So the question: is Vassal suitable for implementing such a game?

Not really, no. Especially not if you are looking for rules enforcement. The only way the latter can be done is by writing your own custom Java classes to extend VASSAL’s functionality.

I too am very interested in making a card game like this. I am completly a newbie to vassal and I am not a programmer. I have used appinventor extensively but this cross platform live playing is exactly what I want to do.
We have a family card game similar to hearts and spades; trick collecting with a trump card.
I want to work out some simple macros to assist in the score keeping while playing.
With my limited spare time and limited programming ability, I am anxious to begin this process. I would love to join a group or start a category that focuses on this style of game. It seems like vassal is so close to exactly what I want.
Let’s keep discussing this and make it great.