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I am working on a module for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. The game features an influence phase in which a counter is taken from a player’s pool of counters and placed on a face-down card in play.

I am able to do this using a Deck Global Key Command (Ctr Z) on Player One’s Pool, Send to Location on the cards in the deck (in this case blood counters) and a dynamic property (Influence) attached to all crypt cards. Clicking Shift 8 once on a selected crypt card sets the Influence=1, clicking it again resets it to 0. Right clicking Player One’s Pool deck and selecting “Transfer” transfers 1 counter to a card with Influence=1.

The problem I am having is this: is it possible to use a Trigger Action command to transfer a counter from a player’s pool deck when I click Shift 8 on the crypt card, eliminating the requirement to set the Influence=1 and then right clicking on the deck to transfer the counter? When I try to do this, clicking Shift 8 sets the Influence=1 but the counter is not transfered. I’ve played around with Trigger Action but haven’t been able to figure it out.

My other concern is that I may not be do this once I add the Deck Global Key Command to the other four Pool deck. If I am able to use Trigger Action the way I describe, is there a way to ensure that it will only move counters from that player’s pool deck? I haven’t tested this yet but can foresee clicking Shift 8 would trigger all five pool decks to send a counter to the crypt card set to Influence=1.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

What commands are you getting your ‘Trigger Action’ to do? A Trigger Action does not actually do any ‘work’, it just fires off a sequence of other traits to the same counter that do the ‘work’ you want to perform.

So, the Trigger Action on the crypt card needs to issue two commands:

  1. The command to set the dynamic property to ‘1’
  2. A Counter Global Key Command that issues the command to the Player Pool Deck cards to transfer the counter.

The problem is, how does the Crypt counter know which of the Player Pool Decks to use?

If you name the Decks the same as the Player Side, then your Counter Global Key Command should be able to use something like


in the property match expression.


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I had Trigger Action set to watch for the key command that set the dynamic property to ‘1’ and then perform the key command for the Deck Global Key Command, which in this case was CTR-Z. That never seemed right for the reason you mention, that is, how does it know which deck to use.

Just to confirm, should the ‘Counter’ Global Key Command reside at the module level, rather than the deck itself? That would make sense, since the Deck Global Key Command seems to apply only to the counters in the deck, not the deck itself.

Is the sequence of events: Trigger Action —> ‘Counter’ Global Key Command —> Deck Global Key Command?

Thanks for your help. I’ll try this when I get home tonight.

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