trigger commands and irregular grids

I’m working on a project where I have a 2 zone grid: a hex grid in the center and a irregular bordering it. I want to have a specific token, when placed on the board at irregular grid location “1” to execute a command. right now I only have it in test phase so there is no real function yet. I have in the trigger action box the following: menu command: test trigger, Keystroke Alt T, Perform these Keystrokes: Ctrl R. the problem occurs with the “trigger when properties match” box
I have tried location, LocationName, gridLocation, and name = 1 and none work. the Location Format for the irregular grid is $gridLocation$.

On a semi related note, I also have a “replace with other” property bellow a “report action” property both keyed to the same key command. when I use the key command, the report action reports “$playerName$ moved token to”. when I tie the “replace with other” property to a new key it outputs “$playerName$ moved token to 1” why is that?