Triggering creation of a piece

I’m attempting to design in a few modest automations for the Here I Stand module ( So far I’ve had good success: I’ve got some Send to Location actions working for debaters and New World VP counters, and a working way of tracking and reporting the number of Protestant and English Protestant spaces.

Here’s where I’m stumped. I have a counter on the main map board (the Luther reformer counter in this case) that I want to perform a right-click action on (Excommunicate). This action changes a global property (LutherExcomm) from “false” to “true”. Then I’m hoping to have a counter appear out of thin air on a board in a different map window (the Power Cards board).

Based on a lot of study of the Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition and Successors III modules, I set up At-Start Stacks on each of the boxes in the Pope’s Excommunication track on his Power Card (this is a separate board in a separate Map Window). The basic piece has an undefined image, so nothing appears. Then I created a Layer with the Excommunication image. I thought I could use a Trigger (check global property to see if LutherExcomm is true) to fire the key command that activates the Layer, causing the Excommunication marker to automagically appear.

So far I haven’t had any luck. I’ve read the sticky about the order of traits and thought I set them up OK, but I’ve tried multiple ways just in case. I must have some fundamental error in my line of thinking, or there’s a better way to skin this cat that I’m not thinking of. Can anyone help? Thanks. 8)

Solved: I am using the Place Marker action and its ability to perform a subsequent keystroke on the placed marker. Originally it looked like the new counter wasn’t appearing on the Power Card, but I just needed to refresh my view of that map window and there it was.