Triggering Multiple DPs in a Game Piece

I have a game piece that presents the ongoing victory point (VP) totals accrued and the historical number of VPs for comparison. Currently I use 16 CPs for this. Realising that these really only need to be updated at the end of a game turn, I should replace the CPs with DPs that are activated by a trigger during what is known as the game turn final reorganisation phase.
What is the best way to this? Thinking:

  1. Each DP has the same trigger.
  2. Each DP has its own trigger.
  3. The game piece has a trigger trait and that trigger trait activates the DPs, either with:
    a. the same trigger, or
    b. 1 trigger for each DP
  4. Not sure about what to do here, but there is always an option 4.

Trigger trait has one command that activates all DPs, and another that does whatever needs doing with all the new DP values. And whatever else is required. A trigger trait is just nice for discrete organised steps.


Unless any of the calculations depend on the results of other calculations, option 1 is the simplest. Otherwise (if some need to be calculated before others), a trigger action that activates 2 separate triggers should be sufficient, unless of course there is a chain of DPs that need to be calculated in a specific order.


Thanks for the feedback. There are no dependencies on any prior or subsequent CPs or DPs. Good to hear that my preferred option (1) is good to go.