Triggering when counter placed on other counter

I would like to fire off a trigger that affects counter B when counter A is placed on counter B.

What is the simplest way to do this?

use a Trigger Action trait to execute a counter Global Key Command trait:

Trigger key command CTRL 1 executes CTRL 2

GKC key command CTRL 2 executes CTRL 3 Property Match Field: LocationName = $LocationName$ && BasicName = NameOfPiece
CTRL 3 is on the receiving piece and does whatever…

This is the easiest and most basic way.

Sorry for edit - you mentioned when stacked on a piece. So for this to happen we specify that the triggering piece use its current location as the only place where it can affect another piece by using the LocationName = $LocationName$ property also (there is no property for “stacked” components although it could be useful as in this case

Thanks Tim,

I had to add the map trigger to send a CTRL 1 when the first piece is moved on to the map to get it to work like I wanted it too.