Trouble with invisible counter

In the game I am programming a counter is always invisible to the opposing side (call it a memory aid for the owning player). But if the opponent puts a counter in the same hex as the invisible one two bad things happen. 1) I can’t access the hidden counter unless I expand the stack which the opponent will see. And 2) when he selects the stack he can’t move the stack cause he is restricted by the hidden counter. Is there a way around this?

Try putting the pieces on different Game Piece Layers. Then the visible piece will never stack with the invisible one.

If I do that how do you get to the pieces on the ‘lower’ layer? When I program pieces onto a lower layer I canlt seem to get to them. Am I unaware of a ‘select’ of some kind? I’ll try this again and see if I missed something.

Use Game Piece Layer controls - you can look up for info on them in the reference manual

“DING!” Light bulb turns on. Thanks.