Trying to update pre defined setup.

VASSAL v 3.2.17
Module Pursuit of Glory 1.0.6

My objective was to slightly modify v1.0.6 by allowing ‘specific card selection’ on AP draw deck and CP draw deck. I edited the module and saved it as v1.0.7. Obviously the pre defined set ups need updating in the module.

Opened v1.0.6 selected tools>export game pieces saved as gamepieceinfo.vsav on desktop

Extracted the vsav pre defined setup file from v1.0.6 which was named campaign4.vsav by unzipping the v1.0.6 module. Saved this on desktop.

Switched to module 1.0.7 selected tools>import and imported gamepieceinfo.vsav which correctly identified the version as 1.0.6

Chose campaign4.vsav to update and completed the update.

Tried to load campaign4.vsav up in v1.0.7 from the desktop as new save, which I did do. Once it was loaded into 1.0.7 changes had still not taken place.

Where am I going wrong?

No where.

Unfortunately, the save game updater only updates piece definitions, not Deck definitions.


So basically, I need to rebuild the starting position from scratch? I kind of suspected this would be the case.