Turn Counter Formatting

I want to format the turn name in a turn counter to bold red. I assume I do it here:


But I can’t get it to do what I want.


IIRC from previous conversations on the Turn Counter, it doesn’t support what you are asking for.

Also, please note that Vassal has serious issues if you try to use more than a single turn counter.

You want to do it in the parent component of what you pictured–put HTML right into the Report format:


Also for red you can make the very first character of the message be ~

That should activate the “quick color” that is red.

OTOH you can also do the full HTML yourself e.g.
red text message

Ahhh… looks like I wasn’t clear. I want the button text to be bold and red. I think the suggestions above are just for the report in the message window, yes?

As I was curious about this too, I found in https://forum.vassalengine.org/t/button-text/4812:

I guess I need to try this tonight to see if it still works. Maybe it also applies to a turn counter button.

That did it! Thanks, pawnpusher! :smiley:

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HTML may not work elsewhere in turn counters as I also found:

Here’s the result:

And the code:


Looks nice. Thanks for showing the code. I’m still pretty new and have been thinking about using the turn counter in my module. It’s great to see some of how it works.

When I want to post just the active window on the screen, I do the keystroke Alt-PrtScn. It saves cropping away the other stuff.