Turn Counter Global Hotkey fired when the turn changes


I want fo fire a Global Hotkey everytime the value of turn counter changes, but I don’t know the correct syntax to use in the property box.

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Right click on your main Turn Tracker component and pick “Add Global Hotkey”. In the box that appears, put the key you want in the “Global Hotkey” field (in my example I have it generate the “End” key).

That hotkey will now fire whenever the turn tracker is advanced.

If you want to do additional processing on it, you could have the hotkey get picked up by e.g. a Global Key Command button to send a Global Key Command to various pieces, etc. The last example shows a Global Key Command I set up to receive the “End” hotkey and send a Ctrl+T to various pieces on the map that I want to know about the change.



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Hello Cattlesquat,

I apologize for the delay in answering you, but I was blocked by a hard disk crash that forced me to reinstall the operating system and all the software on a new hard disk.

Thank you for the suggestions which, unfortunately, did not solve my problem.

I see to clarify the real nature of this problem better: I have already been using HK (turns) in tandem with one or more GKCs, but so far the HKs are activated at the beginning of a given Game Phase and never at the end of an entire turn .

What I can’t find is the correct syntax to enter in the Match Properties box to activate the HKs at the end of each full turn. If no conditions are entered, the HK is performed every time a Game Phase changes and not only at the end of the entire turn.

Thanks for the support.


Assuming your turn phases look like below:

And you want to trigger something after Winter completes, I suggest setting your matching property to “Spring” (i.e., it will trigger when you finish the final phase and advance to next turn).

Alternatively define a dummy phase “End of Turn” and set that to be the matching property.

If you want an example look at the “Europe Engulfed” module - specifically at the END OF YEAR hot key.

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Hello Korval,

sorry to be late in reply but I’ve been rather busy in this last period of time.
My turn is much more complex , with a lot of phases and subphases, but, in any event, both your suggestions can work. I prefer to add a dummy phase “Enf of Turn” and this should resolve the problem.

Be well.

Panther 2010