Turn Counter / Phase Ownership / PBEM Security

Does anyone know of a technique by which I can assign side ownership to the turn counter in each phase. The idea is to prevent players from cheating by advancing the turn counter when they are not entitled to during PBEM.

You can’t change piece ownership as far as I know, since the Restrict Access Trait is not dynamic.

Couple of ideas:

  1. Triggered by the map movement, turn counter references a global property to determine if the PlayerSide owns it. If not it does a Send to Location back to its old location.
  2. Turn counter is a non movable piece; use a Global Key Command to move it (eg from an “end turn” button), you can include PlayerSide as one of the GKC conditions, so it won’t execute if the PlayerSide doesn’t match the turn owner.

Thanks for your reply. You’ve got me thinking of a couple of new workarounds.

In your answer, are you referring to the toolbar integrated turn-counter? Your examples only makes sense to me if you are talking about a designer developed turn-counter made with pieces.

To clarify, I was thinking about a custom turn counter piece in my reply.

Got it, thanks again.