Turn track using cards

I’ve been trying to create a turn counter on my board using cards, but I need to fix this issue I have.

I’ve made a stack of 15 cards, and each card has a number on it (Turn 1, Turn 2, Turn 3) etc. I’ve given them all the Does Not Stack trait and put both Select and Move on “Never” so people can’t drag the cards around and make a mess.

Now I can rightclick and select the correct turn at will pull the card to the top, but if I leftclick on the card, it will show Turn 1 again.

Is there a way to either:

  • bring the card to the top of the stack permanently
  • or have a “next card” / “previous card” option in the rightclick menu?

I can see the latter having to do something with bringing the top card to the bottom of the deck, but I don’t think it’ll play nice with the unselectable part of the Does Not Stack trait.

Instead of using cards, it might be better to use an at start stack with a
single piece and then use the layer trait to move up/down the turn levels

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You, my friend, are fantastic and I want to have your manbabies.
Such an easy solution. Thanks for pointing out the proper tool to do this.