Turning a Map into a "display"

I can’t figure this out, and I’m sure it’s “top of mind” to those of you who are experienced. So, I’ll ask it here and hope to get a quick resolution.

OK: I’m trying to create a MAP, but not a Main Map. I want this “map” to actually be a display. It will hold counters, but will not be the same focal point as the Main Map. I want its visibility to be triggered by a toggle button on the top button/tab interface of the module. I do NOT want the user to be asked to choose a map when starting a new game. There should only be ONE “Main” Map.

I have looked in other modules where the desired effect is operating properly. In their Properties for the “display” map, they have checked the box that says “make this a open/close button”. I have done this as well. But the button only appears as “Map” on my interface, even after saving the module and giving the new map a name. I have been able to successfully assign the right graphic to the “map”. (My only complaint with this being that the selection for assigning graphics is really buried down in that long list of features? Shouldn’t that be closer to the top, or much more obvious???)

But I cannot, for the life of me, find anything in the Properties dialog or anywhere else in the stack that says anything like, “don’t make this a main map option”.

Also, should this device (map/display, or “non-main” map) be saved as some kind of prototype, which I can later drag in, and change the particulars of?

Reprinted from the Wiki:

This just doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t want to edit the display (and there seem to be no options to remove any of the elements). I don’t want the display to appear, PERIOD!

Also, it says the game will always be started with the boards you select… where in here can you select (or deselect) or “clear” anything???

Here is how you add a display (essentially a secondary map) that you can open and close using the buttons at the top of the vassal screen:

  1. Edit module and right click on top box (where module name is) and add “Add Map Window”

  2. Give this “map” a unique name to differentiate it from your main map

  3. Make sure to check the button half way down named “Include Toolbar button to show/Hide.”

  4. Hit ok and then open this new folder and right click on "(Map Boards) and hit “Add Board”

  5. Choose image and unique name and you are done.

Working quite a bit better… but not quite right yet.

I have been able to create the two new “maps” and give them the intended graphics… but, the buttons are not working properly at all.
1)Even after Saving the module, the buttons always read “Map” (disregarding the name I gave to the button/map when I created it). 2) Sometimes only ONE new Map button appears at the top of the module display. AND,
3) If I click the Map button(s) or click the red X at the corner of either new “map”, ALL maps disappear (including the main map), never to reappear. I have to start a new game.


Oh, by the way, thanks for the help thus far!!! I’m sure I’ll “get it” all eventually… :slight_smile:

Update: upon saving all changes, completely quitting all VASSAL sessions, I tried to start a new game directly from my module-in-work, without using the editor.

The two map/displays now work with the MAP buttons, toggling visible and invisible. However, both are still named MAP in the top interface, and not the names I gave them. Is there a character limit to the buttons?

---------------------------------- after more experimentation ----------------------------------------

Even weirder. I reopened the editor and checked the button name in the two display/maps. They’d reverted back to Map, and I am CERTAIN I renamed them when I created each! Anyway, after re-editing them, and relaunching, they retain the names I want.

So… problem solved… but man, was that an ordeal!