Understanding a mistake, Expression Operator

So something odd happened in the module I’m working on, and I have no idea why.

I was basically incrementing a Dynamic Property with a Global Property value + 1. The Global Property essentially was equal to 1, and my expression was this: GetProperty(“Bla bla bla”)+“1”

However the Dynamic Property, instead of incrementing from 0 to 2, went to 20 something!

Now I have fixed the problem, and it was a simple matter of removing the quotation marks from the 1 in the expression, but what I don’t understand is how on earth did the error come up with 20 something? Just a curiosity really, if anyone who understands vassal, expressions, and how they handle operators obviously better than I do, could shed some light on this mystery.

I believe that if the property contains a string, the expression handler sees a “+” sign as a concatenate operator. So “Property”+“Fish”=“PropertyFish”.

What might have happened in your case was if the Global property was 2, it thought the “1” was a string (because of the parentheses) and concatenated the “1” on the end to form “21”.