UNDO of Startup Global Key Command?

I added a Startup Global Key Command to a module that I’m enhancing, to perform some necessary initialization of a new game. I discovered that this GKC can be reversed via the “Undo” button. Since it is fairly easy to accidentally “undo” beyond the start of the game, and since I did not expose this Startup GKC command to the user (as a button which could be pressed to “redo” the game initialization) there is no way to restore the desired initial state of a new game. Since the now “ruined” game hadn’t really started, the user could just start a new one without losing any progress, but this seems likely to confuse a user.

Is it expected behavior for a Startup Global Key Command to be “rolled back” via the Undo button? If so, might it be desirable to add an optional checkbox to prevent that from happening?

Jim Hunter.

Yes, Startup GKC’s are processed just like any other GKC.

That’s a good point you raise. I am going to rework startup GKC’s for Vassal 3.6 to fix some of their ‘quirks’ and I will keep this request in mind.

It’s actually a little tricky. Would it be acceptable to have a dialog box warning the user that they are about to Undo a Game Setup process that may not be repeatable?


Hi Brent,

Yes, the dialog box would pretty much solve the problem I was concerned about.

Jim Hunter.

Is the “no undo” checkbox still on the radar for v3.6? I appreciate that this would mean no undo beyond that point when the GKC was performed.

For me this is especially needed for the first Startup GKC that runs immediately after a pre-set scenario is opened, but I suppose that can’t be specifically addressed because Vassal doesn’t distinguish between opening a preset and joining a game.