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Ok, I thinking of a game that I will make and I wonder how I can do the following:

I have pieces that are side view (like tanks) but I want to have a way to see which way they are facing on a hex grid. Ideally there would be an arrow or something pointing at which hex side is ahead.


Instead of using the profile as the game piece image, use an arrow instead. Make the profile a layer that is always active. Put a rotate trait in between.

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2008/12/23 Pedroskivich <messages@forums.vassalengine.org (messages@forums.vassalengine.org)>

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Thank you, I got that working and its great. I was wondering though, in the layer there is the option to make it on the bottom while highlighted, can I make it so it is always on the bottom?

The way I think I am going to do it is have the arrow on top bot only the front and back of the arrow are visible so they don’t cover up any of the picture.

2008/12/27 Pedroskivich <messages@forums.vassalengine.org (messages@forums.vassalengine.org)>

That means you really have to have it on bottom. If you make the Basic piece image the arrow and the layer the tank profile, that’s the way it should look anyway.

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