Unit selection window in wrong state

When you want to select a unit or counter to move it to the map, you typically open a selection window wher you have an image of the current counter on the left, and the different counters on the right. I have a module where the divider between the two is always placed so far to the right that you might not even notice it is there:

It should look like this:

It is only this single tab with counters where the divider is too far to the right, all other tabs with counters look normal. I have tried to save games with the divider set correctly, but when loaded, the divider is back at the right.

Where is this information saved?

I think it is auto-sized. My guess is that you have one or more giant-sized images somewhere in your palette of game pieces and it’s auto-sizing the image window too big because of that - thus the divider is being pushed out of view.

Just a few hours later I found the solution: When in Edit mode, you can actually open the maps and windows. Then you can resize them etc, and this position will be the default for the game.

Somehow, this divider had got moved by accident while in Edit mode.