URGENT - 3 Hexagon clusters don't snap to grid

I’ve made a hexagonal grid on which I want to put single hexagonal tiles, clusters of 2 hexes and clusters and clusters of 3 hexes.
The single and double hexes snap on to the grid just fine, but the triple ones are offset and I can’t figure out why.

I assume you tried with both “legal edges” and “legal vertices” active for the grid. I don’t know enough about how grids work beyond that to actually address the problem of a 3 hex snap directly, but I can throw out a couple workarounds to try.

  1. Use the working 2 hex image as a base for your 3 hex counters, adding the 3 hex images over them as an always active layer. You’d need to position (offset) the 3 hex always active layer to get it to completely hide the 2 hex base portion of the image. Once you get the layer completely lined up it should work fine as a 3 hex counter. If you can then remove the base image altogether (instead using a blank image that has the exact same height/width as a the 2 hex image) that would be ideal, but otherwise the 3 hex layer properly lined up should hopefully hide the other image underneath.

  2. Add empty space (to one side or the other) to your base 3 hex images.

Hope those make sense/help if the actual problem can’t be solved.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try those asap

I did!

This worked really well!

Now I have an additional question: when rotating the piece I only rotate the (now invisible) double hex. Is there any way I can apply the same rotation command to the triple-hex player?

Cool - thanks for letting me know! I think it should still rotate okay… make sure the Rotate trait is below the 3 hex layer trait in trait order, otherwise (if above in order) it’ll only rotate the base image and not the layer.

I know this is way old but, just in case it’s still needed … I found the simplest solution

Check my recent post :slight_smile: https://forum.vassalengine.org/t/help-how-to-properly-align-hex-cluster-to-hex-grid/10931/3