Use LaTeX to make Print'n'Play as well as VASSAL module of a hex'n'counter board game

Hi all,

I’ve made package for LaTeX for making traditional hex’n’counter board wargames. You can find it at GitLab and on CTAN in /macros/latex/contrib/wargame.

The package is mainly geared toward making a Print’n’Play PDF of a game, but as a side effect, it also supports making a (draft) VASSAL module. See for example the tutorial.

With this, you will have both a P’n’P version and a VASSAL module of the game from the same sources.

If you have a little skill with Python, then you can supply a Python script to finalise the module. In this way, your module will automatically update when your LaTeX code changes (assuming you keep the script up to date :slight_smile:

The module First Blood: The Guadacanal Campaign was made with this.

I hope this will be useful to some.