Using Beanshell expressions in text traits

Simply, don’t. Do whatever you want using another method. Using beanshell expressions in a text trait (as in {expression}) sucks CPU/resources on a grand scale.
Like 5 seconds to flip a unit. Drag and drop way longer and even then you’re not sure where that actual ‘drop’ will be.
Stick with what a text trait is supposed to do. I found that using layer traits to replace the text traits with ‘expressions’ really makes a big (huge) difference.

What do you mean by “text trait”?

I use Bean shell expressions to construct string values in the Text Label and Report Action traits without any issues.

Jim Hunter.

It will depend on the number of pieces in the current viewing area and the number of text labels with expressions OR Layers following expressions per piece. If the total is a small number, you will probably be OK. As the total becomes larger, performance will eventually drop off a cliff.

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